29 juli 2009

Dominik Eulberg @ Electronation (7 years anniversary, Amsterdam Paradiso, 25-07-09)

What a great set! And finally... FINALLY; the first time I've seen him live! This guy is definitely one of my favorite electronic artists; great producer, great dj and occasionally he works as a park ranger in German National parks (love that contrast between the funky nightlife vs the peaceful wildlife).

Dominik Eulberg - website
Dominik Eulberg - Myspace

That entire night in the Paradiso was something special! First we started the evening with a nice set of Dutch dj Tron. Afterwards one of my highlists; the live set of one of my heroes, Alden Tyrell. This short set was followed by a living legend; Alexander Robotnick. We jumped to the main hall of the Paradiso, where Herr Eulberg was seriously testing the sound system. His set was indulged with some serious deep steroid basslines on a high tempo (wicked drive!). After that, it was time to finish off this great night with Electronation's resident dj Terry Toner. To be honest, it was quite a weird experience listening to dance music in a club, after having visited lots of live concerts for almost 4 years (non-stop)! I used to be a diehard clubber in the early days (around 2002/2003), 'till live concerts gave me much more satisfaction and thrills. I never disliked electronic music, but it became something destined only for my mp3-player. After this amazing night, now I remembered what I loved so much about electronic/dance music: the dj's composition of a set, the climax, the huge variety of strange electronic samples and the drive to non-stop dancing! I've seen a lot of concerts in the Paradiso and now was the time to experience this pop temple as a nightclub. Although I prefer the more laid-back attitude of the Melkweg, it's still one of the greatest music venues of The Netherlands with the most diverse music programming. Good job Electronation, you will definitely see us again at more of your parties, and congratulations with your 7 years anniversary!

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