1 september 2009

Chuck Ragan - Rotterdam (Watt, 25-08)

At first I wasn't even planning to go; I wasn't feeling well and secondly, Múm would be performing in the Melkweg that same evening (and while I consider myself a Chuck Ragan fan, I've never seen Múm before and Icelandic bands always hold a special place in my heart).

It was quite a productive day for me. Woke up early to visit Amsterdam. Later that afternoon I had a meeting with a friend and we were going to see the new Harry Potter movie (which was quite a letdown to be honest!). That friend was already planning to go to Chuck Ragan and this proved to be a deciding factor that I would join her to Rotterdam!

And I'm glad I did! It was a spectacular show! He performed many songs from his new album (Cold Country), together with his special track Rotterdam! We had such fond memories of the first time we saw him (one year ago; it was in the old and cosy Waterfront in Rotterdam, and his support acts were no less than Austin Lucas and Digger Barnes themselves!). This time Chuck Ragan brought a band with him (including Jon Gaunt and Digger Barnes). Great atmosphere and a far better audience than one of his previous shows in Amsterdam (Winston). The Watt is at a nice location close to Rotterdam Central Station, with a beautiful modern building. I truly miss the Waterfront though, the Watt is a bit more 'unpersonal and cold', but still I had a great time.

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