26 september 2009

Chupacabras Chupacabras!

... Or having a wicked time at the (free) gig from Kepi Ghoulie in the Patronaat café, Haarlem (Friday September 25th '09)! He performed together with the badass Dino on bass and Atom at the drums. Kepi is really a funny guy and so was the music and show this evening! The music is a great mish mash of all those retro punkrock groups (Ramones), garage rock and early rock 'n roll.

Kepi Ghoulie was a member of the (unfortunately) defunct Groovie Ghoulies and now he's going solo. This evening he also performed a lot of songs from the Groovie Ghoulies, including one of my favorites: Chupacabras! They brought along some wicked merchandise (lots of cool artwork painted by Kepi and Dino). During the show he mentioned the old Waterfront (R.I.P. :( ). it's a pity I've missed a lot of amazing concerts from the early days at the Waterfront and especially his one, because that's the perfect venue for him I think.

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