5 september 2010

The island where all the magic happens...

Iceland is definitely on my wishlist for many years, especially after watching this incredible documentary; Gargandi Snilld (= A Screaming Masterpiece).

It's all about the rich, fascinating and incredible music scene in Iceland. Unbelievable to see how many creativity there is on that island and throughout the years I had the priviledge to see some of their artists. At Lowlands festival 2008 for example, the mythical, dreamlike music from Sigur Rós was definitely one of my highlights from that festival and still holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite alltime concert experiences. The music was eerie beautiful and I saw a lot of people in the audience gasping for air and even crying. Nothing could top that act at that years Lowlands.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Sziget festival and watched another great act:


Where everyone was standing at the bigger stages on Sziget, I was looking forward to their show somewhere on a deserted spot of the Sziget site. When I entered the site where they were performing, it was as I was in a whole different world: a serene atmosphere, the beautiful laidback music, people enjoying their music with closed eyes and a smile on their face, this perfect hot summer evening. I got myself comfortable with a beer in my hand and a cigarette in the other (my holy trinity: beer, cigarette and music) and completely drifted away on this magical experience. This is how festivals are supposed to feel like!

So Iceland has something mysterious about itself and I hope someday to unravel it.

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