8 september 2010

Sziget - day 2 to party 'till the end!

Sziget 2010

Cocktail addicted
(At the Széchenyi bathhouse. Sex on the beach became our favorite cocktail for the entire week)

So after my first day in Budapest, I had a great time. The party mood didn't really sink in though and I felt still slightly anxious for the rest of the week. I've been to other festivals and Sziget is definitely the more 'basic' one.

I woke up the following morning and the sun was burning right on my tent. I couldn't sleep anymore, opened my tent and there was absolutely nobody. Everyone was still asleep. I looked at my watch; 6am! The frustration! I tried to go back to sleep to no avail. After an hour I decided to search for a shower. I actually found one and that would be the last time I took a shower on the festival site... (instead we enjoyed the famous Budapest bathhouses)

That day I had a meeting in the city center again with a great friend/colleague (Ágota). Today was officially day one of the festival, but decided to meet with Ágota. She is Hungarian and in Budapest for holiday (she lives in The Netherlands). The rest of the group stayed at the festival, but I wanted some time off and it would be a great opportunity to visit the beautiful city again with a personal tour guide!


Well, I definitely had a great day! We've been to the beautiful old section of Buda, ate a tasty snack called 'rétes' (some kind of strüdel), explored the public transport, walked for hours, ate a typical Hungarian dinner in an inmense department store and I've met a couple of her Hungarian friends in combination with a nice glass of Hungarian wine.

When I arrived back at the festival, the last acts were about to finish. My tent was close to the World Music Stage and at that time the famous Buena Vista Social Club with Omara Portuondo were performing. I walked deeper into the audience and at that time it all started; I closed my eyes and listened to the music. I opened them and looked at the people surrounding me, enjoying the music. I felt the atmosphere, I felt happy, relaxed and it all dawned on me: the festival feeling was back! At that moment I couldn't care less about anything and from that moment Sziget was a big party 'till the end. Life is like a festival.

World Music Stage
Muse fans

Sziget Tee

I'll be back ;)

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