26 september 2011

TodaysArt The Hague

After years of missing it due to senseless reasons, I finally had the time to indulge myself into this amazing apotheosis of audiovisual, technological refinement. Held annually in The Hague, Todaysart is a festival which investigates and activates the social possibilities of art, sound and technology where it intersects with urban settings and public spaces.

Totemobile, by Chico Macmurtrie

"Totemobile is a robotic sculpture that initially appears as a life-sized representation of the culturally iconic Citroën DS automobile. In performance, this familiar figure is visually exploded, subverted and elaborated through various levels of abstraction until it reaches its final form: an organic 20-meter-tall totem pole. Upon reaching its full height, the work blooms with light, in the form of multiple organically-inspired inflatable sculptures suggesting the final maturation of an enormous biological organism."

The Apartment, by Maurice Bogaert

"In The Apartment, Bogaert engages cinematic architecture and explores the relationships between scale models, sets, architecture, and the moving image. The starting point of The Apartment was the question: would it be possible to do a remake of a film, let’s say Roman Polański’s Repulsion, with a set that would allow one to do so in one single shot? In The Apartment, the spectator takes on the role of the camera."

Kangding Ray

Performance of Raster-Noton artist Kanding Ray during the night programme of TodaysArt in the Paard van Troje.

Photo by Zalmaï Ahad of Afghanistan.

The Vrije Academie presents with Generation 9/11 an exhibition assessing and exploring trends in war photography and conflict image-forming ten years after 9/11

Secret Life, by Reynold Reynolds

"Six Pieces is an exhibition in which Reynolds explores various aspects of human existence, using his experimental films and installations. Serious topics such as isolation, loneliness and insecurity are portrayed in an uncommonly beautiful, surrealistic style that keep you riveted."

Escape, by Tiemen Rapati + Charlie Berendsen (NL)


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