24 augustus 2012

Tanah Air

Snapping away, just the pics I took with my phone. Celebrating my own story of eat, pray, love.

The perfect day to go on a holiday

Finally a dream coming true: flying with Singapore Airlines. I was however not impressed

The beautiful chandelier in our hotel lobby

Celebrating in style

Celebrating in style pt. 2

Asian Palm Civet, creator of world's famous Kopi Luwak

Doing absolutely nothing


Ayam pelalah

Best store I've discovered in Kuta: Insight

Spicy peanuts

The deserted domestic terminal of Jakarta Airport

The Dutch Soccer Association is well represented here on Maluku

Amahai manise

My incredible nephew Nuel. He's born to perform! I taught him the Kraftwerk song Musique non stop ;)

Rudjak: fruit salad with a spicy peanut sauce


Well that didn't go as planned, did it?

And that's why I love Jakarta (+ the fact that I dream to get married in a Hello Kitty costume)

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OMGAH..die laatste foto. Do want!!!