17 september 2009

Home sweet home

I'm back home, it's past midnight and there's a letter resting on top of my stereo set. It's from my mum (she's having a night shift at work). Just a few lines, short, straight to the point, typical her style; only a few names followed by phone numbers are written on it.
The letter sends chills down my spine. The names and phone numbers are the ones I have to call in case of an emergency. Although I'm wise enough to know how to react if something goes wrong, I have to admit I'm happy with it! Tonight was the first evening my father was all alone at home and that worried me.

Only seven days have past since he suffered a light heart attack and suddenly the entire week is surreal. It's unbelievable what happened, that day sure had an impact and definitely changed our lives + views towards our lives. Who would have thought that my father (57 and I consider that still young), the sportsman with a positive attitude and always eating healthy, would end up in an ambulance racing towards the hospital?!

I just heard him going to the toilet. Normally I wouldn't care less, but the sound of him flushing the toilet makes me smile :)

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