21 september 2009

Vitalic - Your Disco Song

Seriously everyone, this track is at a repeat here; it's such a dancefloor killer. I always have a weak spot for female vocoder/computer generated voices (especially if they're German, my secret fetish), combine it with screaming synths and a vulgar bass and I can instantaneously perish from happiness.
And so it is with this new single from Vitalic, the Frenchman who brought me joy with many of his incredible tracks and remixes (La Rock 01, My Friend Dario, Bells, Anatoles, Manu le Malin - Ghost Train and many more). Your Disco Song will be released on his new LP - Flashmob, which will hit the shelves in two days.

Although it's a really great track to listen to it at home (headphones on, volume to the max), I have to hear, no: experience it in a club! Vitalic is a master in creating the perfect composition of a set towards a vicious climax! My prayers are even answered: he's touring and on November 19th he will be performing in Amsterdam, Melkweg!

Love this clip by the way, it's produced by Waf! and here are some 'making-of'-photos. I believe it is shot in Brussels.

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